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Ichimonji Sazanami Santoku

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Damascus is a knife made by forging two steels with different hardness into multiple layers,
which by polishing the blade, the hard metal brings out a glow, and the soft metal appears as a unique, dull, wood grain-like pattern.
This pattern is called the Damascus steel.

The center material used is V-Gold #10, which is known for a high hardness and durability against rust.
By forging and quenching the V-Gold #10, the blade is tougher with longer-lasting edge compared to other clad knives.

[Purpose of use]

This Japanese petit knife is a mixed designed of Japanese and Western style;
with a Japanese knife-style handle and a single-material blade, designed for Japanese
cuisine chefs to comfortably handle along with a touch of traditional Japanese 'wa' in its style.
It is suitable for delicate works, such as peeling, thin-slices, and mincing of vegetables.


We will engrave your name on the knife you ordered for free.
The alphabets are engraved individually(capital letters only).
For Japanese knives, there are cases where smaller font size is used for engraving when more alphabets are requested.
Please contact us if you wish to engrave in Kanji.
※Please note that as engraving is done by hand, there may be cases where the depth and alignment are not the same.
※ Engraved knives cannot be exchanged or returned.