Store Guide

Store Guide

Sennichi-mae Doguyashiji Lane, 14-8 Nanbasennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0075, Japan
Business Hours
Weekdays : 9.30am to 6.30pm Weekends and Public Holidays : 10.30am to 6.30pm
Official off-days
1st to 3rd January ※ May be different each year. Please enquire.
06-6633-9393 (rep)

Getting Here

  • ■By train
    3 minutes walk from Nanba Station (Nankai Electric Railway Line)
    3 minutes’ walk from Nanba Station (Midousuji and Yotusbashi Subway Lines)
    5 minutes’ walk from Nihonbashi Station (Sennichimae and Kintetunanbann Subway Lines)
  • ■By Car
    10 minutes from Dotonbori Exit/Nanba Exit by Hanshin Expressway
  • ■From the Airport
    30 minutes by the Airport Express to Nankai Nanba Station from Kansai International Airport
    25 minutes by car or on Osaka Airport Bus from Osaka International Airport

The locally and internationally renowned ‘Eat till you Drop’ Doguyashiji Shopping Street is lined with specialty shops offering utensils and tools related to food and has been a backbone for Osaka since ancient times.Here, you can find an amazing variety of products, ranging from small items such as spoons and knives, to large kitchen systems, signage or noren curtains, as well as product samples that look exactly like real food.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, there will be something for everyone. Even if you don’t buy anything, it will be interesting just to browse around.Follow the big “道 (Street)” sign at the entrance of the arcade in the middle of South Osaka, and you will find yourself in the bustling Doguyashiji Shopping Street, with shop owners and customers alike making exchanges in the distinctive Osaka dialect.Ichimonjichuki is the 5th shop from the South entrance (14th shop from the North entrance). You will be able to spot us with our large knife signage.

Message from the President

Our brand, “Sakai Ichimonji Mitsuhide”, which is also our registered trademark, offers a lineup of “Sakai forged knives”. We utilize and refine on the forging tec
hniques for making iron tools, which were used in the past for building the ancient tombs located in the southern part of Osaka. The kitchen knives of Sakai boast a long history of 600 years, and are said to be well loved by 90% of the professional chefs of Japanese cuisines.
It is not uncommon to find chefs who use the same knives for more than a decade. To make this possible, maintenance and sharpening are indispensable. We strive to offer our services to help keep the knives in the best condition even when the length has been shortened by more than half through the years of use and sharpening.
Upon succeeding the cooking utensil section of a former tool shop, we started our business in Osaka in 1916, and have ever since been expanding the variety of merchandise in tandem with advancements in the kitchen appliances, while bearing in mind at all times to satisfy our customers’ needs.
We are proud and sincerely grateful to be able to build up abundant experiences and sills to apply to various areas of cutlery industry.

・Board member,
Osaka Food & Beverage Equipment Cooperative
(Osaka-fu Chubo Ryoin Kiki-Kagu Kyodo-Kumiai)

・Board member,
Sennichimae Dogusujiya Shopping District Promotion Association

・Lecturer, Tsuji Culinary Institute

Hiroyuki Tanaka

Company Profile

Ichimonji Chuki, Ltd.
3rd to 5th floor, Ichimonji Chuki Head Office Building,
14-8 Namba-Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0075
(Retail outlet: B1 to 2nd floor of the same building)
+81 6-6633-9393
+81 6-6641-6189
Business description
Manufacturing and sale of kitchen knives;
kitchen design and installation works,
sale of other products including cooking utensils
commencement date
(current location)
August 1952
Incorporated on
January 10, 1975
40 million yen
Representative director
Hiroyuki Tanaka
Member of
・Sennichimae Dogusujiya
 Shopping District Promotion Association
・The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Osaka Yumei Daitenkai
・Minami Akindo Club
・Osaka Food & Beverage Equipment Cooperative
(Osaka-fu Chubo Ryoin Kiki-Kagu Kyodo-Kumiai)
・The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (Namba Branch)
・Mizuho Bank
・Osaka Shinkin Bank

What’s special at Ichimonji Chuki

Every day for the past 100 years, professionals in the culinary field visit the Osaka Doguyashiji Lane, where we remain committed to our craft. No matter how well-designed or how cheap a product may be, we will not include it in our range if it does not meet the expectations of a true professional.

Only when we have gone through the countless trials and errors of many knife craftsmen and culinary professionals will we endorse our name onto a product that has proven its worth.Although we carry more than 2000 knife products in our shop, we have made it a point to shortlist products that have been carefully selected to be featured in this website.

We hope that you will be able to appreciate the spirit of craftsmanship our enduring dedication through this website.